Any investments with a maturity of one year or less. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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short-term ˈshort-term adjective
1. continuing for only a short time, or concerned only with the period of time that is not very far into the future:

• Most of the staff are on short-term contracts.

• We will continue to manufacture products to build our market share, even at the cost of short-term losses.

2. in the short term in the immediate future, rather than later:

• The bank is unlikely to cut interest rates in the short term.

3. FINANCE short-term lending, borrowing etc is for less than one year:

• Many financial services companies offer high interest, short-term loans.

— compare long-term
— short-term adverb :

• Short-term prospects do not look good.

— short-termism noun [uncountable] :

• These countries are criticised for lack of planning, lack of strategic thinking and short-termism.

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short-term UK US /ˌʃɔːtˈtɜːm/ adjective
continuing or having an effect for a short period of time in the future: »

These risks are short-term and manageable.


Stability involves balancing short-term and long-term outcomes to achieve sustainable success.


Despite some short-term benefits, these strategies exact many costs.


Roughly a third of the workforce is employed under short-term contracts.


Our short-term financial goal is to survive the next few years.

Compare SHORT-RUN(Cf. ↑short-run)
ACCOUNTING relating to a period of time of less than one year: »

Any liabilities that will be settled in less than 12 months are short-term liabilities.

FINANCE relating to money that is borrowed or invested for a short period of time: »

Sometimes banks require emergency short-term financing.


There is optimism that Federal Reserve policy makers will cut short-term interest rates.

Compare LONG-TERM(Cf. ↑long-term)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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